How can International Ventures help you?

How does International Ventures work?

We understand experience counts. We also know it’s not enough to say you know what you’re doing. In the world of venture capital, you have to show people, build trust, communicate transparently. That’s what International Ventures does.

At every step of the funding journey, we walk alongside entrepreneurs, educating them about how to demonstrate value. Appreciating the value of our investor network, we support our angel investors by pitching commercially intelligent opportunities with the potential to create meaningful value.

Our mission? Forge enduring connections between entrepreneurs and investors that grow businesses and generate returns long term.

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Our Clients

International Dairies Pty Limited

Parson Investments and Equities

William L Wong WLTM Investments

I am honoured  to provide a reference for International Ventures as they have been exemplary in their dealings on behalf of our company.  We are still in the early stages  of developing our company and its market but to date we have nothing but good things to report on the support and professional manner that International Ventures has operated under.

For someone who is new to our venture, they have done their research on our project and have become very knowledgeable in our project’s field.  I am so impressed with International Ventures that their personnel are easy to talk to, polite and do research on the projects they gets involved in. I have really appreciated International Ventures’ efforts.

Andrew Hort

How does the seed funding process work?

Following our unique venture capital process, we address the main challenges entrepreneurs and angel investors face.

  • Entrepreneurs

    We help committed entrepreneurs access interested investors who provide the right private equity funding as venture capital or seed funding needed to grow a business or develop a concept

  • Investors

    We help commercial investors access timely, quality investment opportunities aligned to their specific investment interests
    and experience

  • The journey

    Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or seeking an angel investor for the first time, the funding journey is challenging. International Ventures streamlines and accelerates this process by providing entrepreneurs with targeted introductions that convert in over 70 percent of pitches made.*

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