Childcare & Transportation Solution

by Simon

The first App to be developed and released to market which is a transaction based Social Platform for parents and their trusted network of family and friends. The App is well suited for anyone responsible for the transport and care of their dependents.

The App relieves the ongoing time and financial pressures that make it increasingly difficult for parents to effectively juggle the home and work life balance. It provides a safe a secure platform that reduces cost and increases access to childcare – one of the biggest issues that plagues Australian households today.

Through custom locations and activity related groups The App enables users to quickly and efficiently transact with each other saving time, reducing stress and potentially preventing expense by better connecting trusted friends and family.

Through its unique intellectual property and sophisticated technology, The App provides a broad range of cutting-edge solutions that allow individuals and parents to transact with family, friends, clients, colleagues, employers and employees saving them time and money in both their professional and personal lives.

The suite of mobile applications reduces the stress that comes with managing work and home life, allowing users to restore balance to this ongoing struggle.

The Hug App  is looking to raise capital to build out the current offering to bring on paid carers making it the only truly integrated platform for family, friends and paid carers in the marketplace.

The ROI has been composed on the paid carer model for The Hug App in Australia only.

 The investment on offer includes any international expansion as well as any of the other apps in The Hug App IP suite of products that are outlined in the investment documentation available to you.

The App is ideal for a wide-ranging demographic across multiple industry segments.

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Project Outlay

$1,811,250 AUD



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