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by Marvin

Non-fitness junkies around the country are wasting nearly two billion dollars a year on gym memberships they barely use.

Previous research found women were more likely than men to go to the gym. They also found financial hardship and time factors were some of the biggest reasons for people to give up their memberships.

56 per cent of people kept their gym memberships for longer than 12 months, suggesting a good number of us recognise when we’re not using them.

The problem with gyms today is that they focus on pushing memberships at a high cost with few flexibility options with locked in contracts. The customer is also tied into a direct debit arrangement which means they pay regardless of using the gym or not.

The solution to gym membership is a simple consumer first process. They control when they go, how often they go and how much they spend. There is flexibility in using multiple gyms and the fitness activities offered by the gym location. The business model is simple and unique, the user searches for a particular gym activity, the user then purchases the activity for a session. This opportunity will receive 17% of the transaction and the partner gym will receive 83% of the transaction.

Key Points of this opportunity are that it will provide gym access without the hassle of having to have a paid in advance membership for gym users and it is a pay as go system, utilising the closest gym from GPS for the user and keeping a budget in mind. All from the convenience of the App, which is already in use and downloadable from the App store.

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