Crysp Intelligence

by Vaughan

Introduction to Vaughan:

Our client has a Data preparation organisation founded on the principle of business value delivery and IT Enablement.  Founded in 2016, the organisation has undertaken the design, development and patenting (Patent Pending) of a Generic Data Warehousing solution.  The Solution has been built and proven in the normal Commercial sense with the business proposal aimed at sourcing venture capital to migrate the stand-alone product into the cloud.

Product Differentiators

The product design is currently undergoing patenting around the world since it provides a method of business interoperation which has been elusive in the corporate sector for the past 25 years of Data Warehousing practice.  Whilst there have been some very isolated cases of progress reported around the world, the intrinsic involvement of specialist IT resources to deliver this means the business appetite is ripe for a less human resource intensive, therefore less expensive, data collection and usage platform.  Through this unique method of data collation and control, integration of previously disparate data (viz. Scada Devices (valve readings etc), Manufacturing Costs, Payroll, Efficiency, Sales, Maintenance and similar commercial data) is enabled.  The power of the data is truly made available in a Self-Service method allowing the whole organisation to use all the data, not just that which they understand in their area of speciality.


The product also enables businesses the flexibility to change-out business applications with minimal cost using a plug and play type method.  This protects the organisation’s factual data and minimises the Total Cost of Ownership to the business.


The versatility of the product across ANY industry with no base product change completes the uniqueness of the product.  Instead of being modulated and separately licensed as most modern products do to achieve similar breadth of application; the product is generic enough to be used out-of-the-box by any organisations irrespective of what they do.  Similarly, diversity of content across large players (Governments and Large Corporate Conglomerates), their desire to gain an overarching view makes these very large players ideal targets as users of the product.

Full Synopsis 

Project Outlay

$8,600,000.00 AUD


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